…my humble introduction…

Hi there readers! Welcome to my blog, now sit back, relax, snuggle up to your blanket and grab a handful of popcorn! (I am kidding by the way, I am in no way that entertaining… But for the sake of my ego I am going to pretend like you are really doing this in preparation to read and enjoy my blog).

Let’s try this again… Hi 🙂 I’m Lindsey. I am a blogger. (Is it sad that this statement gives me butterflies of pure excitement!!) Why am I a blogger you ask? Well. Mostly because all my friends are doing it! (haha) What can I say? I am a sheep. (In this particular case anyway) I love to write, always have and always will, so I figure… why not? I can post my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and personal opinions here on the internet and then you (my fellow internet addicts) can sit back and enjoy the random ramblings of a woman who is really just trying to figure stuff out.

And who knows… Maybe through my adventures, we can both (or all) find a little piece of ourselves, through the power of writing.

6 thoughts on “…my humble introduction…

  1. Dewskii says:

    A blog about ramblings and rants? Poppycock! That can’t exist on the internet.
    Sarcasm aside, I really enjoy your posts. Keep em coming!

  2. Just have fun! Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. unfinishedbizness says:

    Hey there… I am passing along to you the Liebster Blog Award! Please check out this post for more info: http://unfinishedbizness.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/liebster-blog-award/ (and keep the awesome coming!)

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